Welcome to my page. 


I am a visual artist living and working in the Northeast Region of Saskatchewan, Canada.  I grew up on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia where I had my first real introduction and teaching in the arts.  From my late teens to early twenties I spent time in the BC interior and Alberta before moving permanently to Saskatchewan in late 2001.  While initially planning on pursuing a career as an artist, I put that path on hold for a time while I concentrated on raising a family, but began transitioning back to my art fulltime in 2017.  I have been a curious observer my entire life and wish with my art to in some way capture life and the world around me.  Little glimpses of the everyday that might be missed by the participant.  I have been greatly inspired by the places I have lived as well as by my travels, though I find inspiration it seems wherever I happen to be.  Many artist's have been sources of inspiration for me over the years including, Kathryn Warn, Belinda Delpesco, Paul Cezanne, Henri Matisse, Catherine Jackson, Nik Seminoff, Vincent VanGogh and Diana Aulis.


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