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I have been a curious observer throughout my entire life. 
Through my art I wish to capture little glimpses of the everyday from lenses of both the real world and imagination.  Having originally grown up on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, I eventually made my residence in Saskatchewan, Canada. Now living and working in the Northeast Region of the Province.


Sleeping beneath a glowing moon,

The prairie a canvas,

White, waiting

For layers of gold and azure,

Framed by grid roads, 

Waiting for the spring melt,

To watercolour the fields, 

Waiting for all that you've sown, 

To stand tall in a yellow wind,

And nourish starved eyes,

Waiting for the ones you love,

To shake themselves back into being,

And light the land with moon-lit imaginings.

                                                                                A Prairie Artist         - E. Alaraj

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