March/April 2020  - John B. Aird Gallery - "Stitched Together" - You Are Here Show, Toronto, ON

February/March 2020 - Signal Hill Art Gallery - “Blue Church at Peterson” - Winter In Saskatchewan Show, Weyburn, SK.

February/March 2020 - The Mann Art Gallery - "Family Stroll" - 44th Annual Winter Festival Art Show and Sale, Prince Albert, SK

November 7-16, 2019 - Northern Lights Gallery - "On the Way" - Four Monkeys Group Show, Melfort, SK

October 25-27, 2019 - Praireland Park – “Reflections of Nature” Saskatoon, SK.

September, October 2019 - Humboldt District Museum and Gallery Annual Members Show and Sale, Humboldt, SK


"Mrs. Robbins Four Top"  City of Melfort, SK commission, Historic Post Office Mural Project.  2019

"12th City Artist Collective Logo" in collaboration with Christina Miller.  2019

“Majic Man’s Logo” Majic Man’s Barber Shop. Burnaby, BC.  February 2017

"At Calvary" Clearview Brethren In Christ Church, Kindersley, SK.  Donated 2013

Various Private Collections/Personal Commissions


SWAA  2019 Reflections of Nature Show and Sale, Saskatoon, SK (Intermediate):

Division QA - Painting - Animals - Class 3 - All Domestic Animals:

"Llamas From Another Mama" - Acrylic - 1st in Class & 3rd in Division

Division QB - Painting - Birds and Other - Class 1 - All Birds:

"On the Strut" - Gouache and Walnut Ink with Gold Leaf - 3rd in Class & 3rd in Division

Division QC - Painting - Landscapes and Floral - Class 2 - Florals:

"Fiddle Heads" - Watercolour - 1st in Class & 2nd in Division

Division R - Miniatures - Class 1 - All Animals:

"BC Woodpecker" - 2nd in Class & 2nd in Division


SWAA  2018 Reflections of Nature Show and Sale, Saskatoon, SK (Intermediate): 

Division QC - Painting - Landscapes & Florals:  

“Hawaiian Waterlilies # 4”- Acrylic and Ink - 1st in Class & 1st in Division.  

“Hawaiian Waterlilies # 5”- Acrylic and Ink - 2nd in Class & 2nd in Division. 

“Hawaiian Waterlilies # 6”- Acrylic and Ink - 3rd in Class & 3rd in Division.  


Member of the Humboldt and District Galley, Humboldt, SK - 2019-Present

A Founding Member of 12th City Artist Collective, Melfort, SK - 2019/2020

Member of the Four Monkeys working  artists group, Northeast Region, SK - 2019

Member of The Mann Art Gallery, Prince Albert, SK –  2019-Present

Member of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Art Association, Saskatoon -  2018-Present

Bi-monthly Northeast SK area working artist group gatherings - 2018-Present

Heart For Art Committee, Naicam, SK -  2017-2019


The Little Manitou Art Gallery, Watrous, SK, Canada - 306-759-7889  


Northern Lights Gallery, Melfort, SK, Canada - 306-752-4930                          https://northernlightsgallery.ca/


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