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The "Tub Leaves" series stem from "images" found in the hairs left behind on the shower wall.  Women have their hair come out (especially when it is long) in varying amounts while showering.  Many of us were taught to not let it go down the drain for fear of clogging, so we press it to the shower wall until finished washing when we throw it away.  These images are inspired by two separate ideas: shower thoughts and the reading of tea leaves left in the bottom of a cup.  Each image is a reading of what I saw within the lines and shapes created by my discarded hair - tub leaves.  The title under each image tells the reader what to read and all the scenes represent life and the multi faceted aspects of human living and dying.  Each work is made in fine ink and coloured pencils on 14 x 17 multi-media paper.

Beached Boat Series

This series of boats consist of 16 hand painted small etchings.  A small etching was made on a piece of recycled plastic packaging and then run through a tabletop press.  Once the ink was dry, colour was added in a range of mediums: gouache, watercolour, coloured pens, acrylic ink, coloured pencils or some combination of.  Each piece becomes then its own unique finished image.  I wanted to explore the range of possibilities that image could garner.

boat comp.png
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