IMG_20200508_110007_946 (2).jpg

Perch and Northern Pike

9 x 8 Unique Print

IMG_20200508_141313_557 (2).jpg

Auto Repair Lot

7.25 x 7.25 Hand Painted Collagraph

IMG_20200509_142355_444 (2).jpg

Pushing Cedar

5.75 x 8.75 Hand Embellished Linocut

IMG_20200509_001504_405 (2).jpg

Cowboy Up

6 x 4 Lino Cut

IMG_20200509_001301_580 (2).jpg

Feeling Crabby

10 x 6 Hand Painted Collagraph

Varied Edition

IMG_20200508_112228_727 (2).jpg

Red Canoe

4 x 6 Hand Embellished Lino Cut

Edition of 5 each (red and blue canoe)

IMG_20200509_195312_741 (2).jpg

Beach Time

9 x 4 Varied Edition Aquatint

IMG_20200511_091002_453 (2).jpg

Heron #2

8.5 x 9.25 Hand Painted Wood Cut

IMG_20200508_153529_717 (2).jpg

Weathered Barn

6 x 4 Hand Painted Lino Cut

Edition of 7 each (coloured and black and white)

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